The typical Christian bride has for so many hundreds of years worn a white or an off white saree, be it the Christians of Kerala, Chhattisgarh, or other states of the south, where the adaptation to saree wearing happened. While in the rest of India, mainly the Christians of the North East have worn mainly western styles gowns; in the southern parts of India the bridal finery includes a deluge of beautifully designed white and off white sarees that enthrall you with their simplicity, yet divine beauty.

If you’ve been looking for Christian bridal sarees, check out Milan Design's list of intricate, modern sarees, and we’re sure you will find something for your wedding day that is just perfect for you in our Christian bridal saree collection.

The dazzlingly sheer off-white saree, with a lovely maang tika design in gold gives the beautiful Indian Christian bride an air of sophistication on your wedding day.

Stunningly beautiful silver leaf motif embroidery with real crystals on a milk white saree, and matching sequined blouse cuts a perfect picture. So precious and intricate, it can become a treasured heirloom for generations to come, a worthy addition to any serious Christian bridal sarees list.

Here is another one that steals the heart- the gorgeous woven border in dull gold which sets off the milky whiteness of the saree so very perfectly. The simplicity of the saree is its best feature as is its simple blouse pattern as it will allow the bride to experiment as much as is possible with the jewelry.

How can anyone go wrong with a Kanjeevaram. A truly traditional white and gold saree, if there was one, and so very suited to the silk craving that all south Indian weddings have.

A subtle silk cotton Maheshwari that combines white and beige in an amazingly complex ikat style weave that will look wonderful in a summer wedding and can be embellished with pearl tassels and worn with pearly jewelry will lift its look further to a new bridal wear high.

If you want to go all out chic on your big day. Then Milan Design offers a designer Christian bridal saree that you can surely try. Its exquisite, elegant and definitely something different.


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