Your big day is just around the corner and are you still fretting about the perfect lehenga for the D-day? Keep calm and scroll through these top tips to select the perfect bridal lehenga for your wedding.

1. Recognize your body type

While a particular style maybe in vogue, it might not exactly be your style. There are thousands of styles that will make you look just as stunning, accentuating your curves and hiding your problem areas. So, it is all about recognizing what body type you are and moving on from there.

 2. Start early

Even if you feel like the wedding is many months away, don’t leave this task for later. Some brides don’t find ‘the one’ for a long, long time. Besides, if you’re getting it custom-made, the making itself will take months.

3. Do your research

Look online – the world is your oyster! Start saving images of the ones you like. Do notice if you are veering towards a particular colour or trend. Look up designers, online portals, and get onto Instagram.

4. Give it a lot of thought

This is going to be a big expense; and a decision you’ll have to live with forever. So do give it enough thought. Is your personal style more bohemian or more classic? Would you prefer something light? Do you like the thought of showing some skin? You know, just general questions that’ll help narrow down your search.

5. Don’t be afraid to experiment

If you start well in time, then you must browse ‘em lehengas with an open mind. Sometimes, we look at something and immediately decide that we don’t like it whereas it could, in fact, look great on us. You wouldn’t want to be missing out on a stellar lehenga just because you dismissed it at first glance.

6. Don’t be afraid to ask for customization

If you have really liked a lehenga at a store but aren’t in love with the colour, don’t just dismiss it. Ask the store if they are willing to customize it for you. It’s not uncommon and there’s a big chance they do have it in another colour or can make it for you. Be it a border you dislike or the work on the dupatta, you can always get it customized.

Just be calm, and shop with a clear head. We are sure you’ll find ‘the one’ and boy it’ll be worth the effort.

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