If you are someone who regularly follows celebrity fashion, you must have noticed that netted sarees are quite popular with many stylish women. Especially for those who want to sport a saree, yet wish to look sensuous, netted sarees are the best drapes. The fashion of netted sarees began in the Retro era, which was prominent for introducing many current generation trends. These sarees were chosen to give a slim and tall appearance. Net sarees are popular with women of all ages and generations for they can be customized to give a sexy or elegant look, based on the design.

Net sarees are suitable for all occasions, based on the type of material, color and embellishment. If you are planning to wear it for a wedding, you can opt for a heavy netted saree with all over work and embroidery. Events which are in smaller scale like festivals, get-together and parties, you can go for a subtle work on netted sarees. You can also opt for fusion half and half sareed with netted pallu and banarasi or Georgette pleats.

Designer blouses are perfect for net sarees. The latest fashion in sarees is the super net sarees. These sarees are making waves in the Indian fashion circle as they offer not only the comfort of pure cotton on one hand it also offers the style, the class and beauty of silk fabric on the other.

Super net fabric is a blend of different shades cotton and silk yarn to give the advantage of affordability and softness of cotton and the durability and richness of silk. These sarees have recently become a rage in the fashion circles owing to their use by the most fashionable and top leading ladies from bollywood in their recent movies and red carpet events.

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