The typical Christian bride has for so many hundreds of years worn a white or an off white saree, be it the Christians of Kerala, Chhattisgarh, or other states of the south, where the adaptation to saree wearing happened. While in the rest of India, mainly the Christians of the North East have worn mainly western styles gowns; in the southern parts of India the bridal finery includes a deluge of beautifully designed white and off white sarees that enthrall you with their simplicity, yet divine beauty.

Here Milan Design presents a set of bridal sarees named "The Pristine Bride" for christian brides.

"pristine" is a word that describes something new, original and royal. We are presenting an array of Christian Bridals with poise and individuality.

The woman of 'now' always wants to stand out from the crowd. She wants to be recognized; and her individuality should be evident in every attire she chooses to wear.

Type 1: Ivory Base Saree

The bride will look stun in an ivory base Saree with pastel swirl design all over the body. The borders can accentuated with cluster for flowers pearls and beads. This Saree is perfectly balanced; with the right amount of quirkiness and tradition!

Type 2: Embellished scallops

It will intricate highlights on the neckline and a double trail pallu makes stunner Saree one of a kind! For every girl who loves fine detailing; this is absolutely a bride's dream!

Type 3: Floral Reflections

The Milan bride is always the one to set trends. This season the bride becomes her confident self in sheer net creeper embroidery Saree with jewel detailing on the neck to compliment her sober floral effect of the Saree. As she moves along the aisle; she can choose to wear her cape as a sign of grandeur and respect to tradition and can later flaunt her femininity by removing it.

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