Maintaining your silk saree is a tedious task, especially when you want to preserve the shine and luster. Silk sarees are washable; even at home, though dry cleaning is the best available option. Your aim while cleaning your saree must be to maintain the shine and luster along with the crispness of the design.

Remove stains from Silk Saree at home in less than 15 minutes maximum. Care your garments more and your garments will stay for decades with you.

Here are some tips to remove stain from your favorite Silk Saree:

1: Immediately wash with cold water to remove stain

2: Dry Clean if the stain has dried before washing.

3: Nail Polish stains can be removed by rubbing acetone on it.

4: for Ink and similar stains, soak in warm water for 10 minutes; rinse the affected area with petrol.

5: for Oil /Ghee or stains with grease, put some talcum powder on it and let it dry for some time. When the oil is totally absorbed by powder, wash with cold water gently.

6: Food Stains like gravy, sauce etc., use detergent and then wash with cold water, then dip in hot water.

Note: Do not rub with harsh brushes to remove any kind of stain, it may tear the thread of silk Saree.


When you decide to wash your silk saree at home, never ever use soap at the start of the cleaning. First soak it in salt water for 20-30 minutes and then rinse it with cold water. Wash the saree a couple of times in plain water and then clean it quickly with mild detergent. First wash the pallu and the border finally moving onto the body. Avoid scrubbing with a brush, or bundling it up to un-crease the saree. After washing gently squeeze the excess water from the saree and hang it on the clothes line to dry, preferable out of direct sunlight.

Removing Stains:

Lime juice is a miracle for removing stains. Add a few drops of lime juice to water to remove stains from silk sarees; however make sure you rinse it immediately as lime water tends to fade the cloth color. If it’s a stubborn stain then soak the area with petrol and scrub it lightly with a brush or soft cloth.


The best time to iron your saree is when it is slightly damp, if not then dampen it using a spray bottle. Set the iron on medium to low heat, test a small corner first and begin by straightening the edges and the border. Fold the saree into half and iron each side while continuing to fold it into half further on.


Keep your silk sarees neatly stacked up in your closet or in a box away from dust and light. However don’t store your saree in a plastic pouch as it doesn’t give the cloth any breathing space, instead bundle it in a clean white cloth. If you don’t use your sarees regularly, bring it out for some fresh air and/or leave a few dried neem leaves next to them in your closet.

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