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Gift Card Policy

Milan Design gift cards are redeemable for products on


  1. Gift cards can be purchased with a minimum value of Rs.1000 and have a maximum value limit of Rs.10000.
  2. If your order total exceeds the amount on your gift card, you can pay the remainder with a credit or debit card, Bank Transfer, PayPal account or additional gift cards.
  3. Any balance remaining will not be given as change, but may be applied to future purchases.
  4. The balance of a gift card can be checked online or in-store.
  5. Milan Design Design gift cards are not reloadable.
  6. There is no additional luxury tax or fees on Milan Design Design gift cards.
  7. Milan Design Design gift cards do not expire or decrease in value if unused.
  8. Milan Design Design gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash.
  9. Milan Design Design gift cards can't be returned or cancelled after purchase.
  10. If you return an order purchased with multiple gift cards, the total value will be refunded to the most recently purchased gift card.
  11. If you return product purchased with multiple methods of payment, the refund is first applied to the credit or debit card or PayPal account, up to the original amount charged, and then to the gift card.
  12. Milan Design Design gift cards cannot be replaced if lost or stolen.
  13. Milan Design Design gift cards cannot be transferred to another account or person once the claim code has been redeemed.
  14. Milan Design Design reserve the right to refuse, cancel or hold gift cards and orders, which we believe, have been tampered with, duplicated or otherwise affected by fraud.
  15. Milan Design Design gift card cannot be used to purchase another Milan Design Design Gift Cards.

Please also review our general terms and condition and policies prior to placing an order.

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